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Why I will run my First ULTRA Trail…

This is Simple, just read what Yannis Kouros wrote :

Yiannis Kouros: « I’ve reached the stage, when your body gives up on you, when you are no longer in control, you are clinically dead, I mean that your body has surrendered. 
Ultrarunning: when one runs 45, 50, or even 100km, for me, is not an ultra-runner. The ultra-runner is a distinct being; has a distince personality. When a marathon runner of 42km runs a 50km race, he is not an Ultra runner as nothing has changed: neither his training nor his approach even if he is to run 100km as the body continues to control his movements. When you surpass not the 100km but the 100 miles mark, that is over 12 hours, or the 24 hour stage, that’s the point where you show you are a unique human being. Running more than 12 or 24 hours, to my mind, that is the ultra runner. We do not race against the co-runners; they could be 100km behind us or ahead of us – we are racing against nature, clock, time, distance. Your body cannot carry you to run for 24 or 48 hours or 6 days. No one completes the race via his body but via his mind.
The verb « endure » is not a physical verb, it is a spiritual one. Endure means to withstand.
You must be patient and then do solid training. Without patience, you will never conquer endurance. »


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